Sarah Greco

Sarah Greco


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DRE #02099886

Her definition of home: For me, home is the base where everything inside you begins, stays, and thrives. It is the space where your goals have freedom to grow, you teach your children how to plant a garden & sit freely on the kitchen counter at midnight with a tub of peanut butter.

Her strongest personality trait: My strongest personality trait is compassion. I find joy in connecting and caring in others, whether it is through volunteerism, doubling my recipes so I can make a doorstep drop, mailing a short note or sharing a smile with a stranger. It fills my cup like a nice, hot coffee in the morning! Even if we slip up, it is always the base layer.

The fastest way to my heart: Blast a little Heart and put my feet in some sand! Ok, but overall, it’s personal connection. In a day where typing seems to be more convenient, connecting in person invariably strikes a chord with me.

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