Tina Suter

Tina Suter


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CalBRE #01972926

Specializes in: Arden area

With an impressive background in homebuilding, Tina brings to her clients bonus knowledge of what makes or breaks a house. From the foundation up, she can help identify a home’s crown jewels and red flags—and is not afraid to do so. Her refreshingly straightforward demeanor at work is balanced out by her wild-but-wonderful family life, which she calls a “well-orchestrated circus” and shares with her hard-working husband and two busy girls. When she’s not running full-speed at work or as a mom, you can find Tina sweating it out at the gym, clearing her mind on the yoga mat, or exploring the American River.

Her definition of home: “It’s a comfort zone—like the feeling a 5 year-old gets when they reach home base during tag. Home is where simplicity sits.”

Where she goes to get inspired: “My office. Nothing gets me more motivated to work harder than listening to other agents around me.”

The fastest way to her heart: “Two ways. One is when someone does something really kind without any need for recognition. The other is Skittles.”

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